Nassau and Exuma Update

Unfortunately the posting made yesterday was a bit of a mess due to very slow internet. Some of the photos did not make it, nor did some of the text. I will add a couple more pictures today and hope they publish properly this time.

Kris kayaking at Allans Cay


Hiking at the Exuma National Park


Exuma Park Headquarters


The Swimming Pigs at Allans Cay


One Response to “Nassau and Exuma Update”

  1. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    I just love reading your blog + photos.Kris looks a picture of health. I’m sure you all had a lot of fun.I can but dream of the beautiful blue, warm waters & sunshine. We have had a taste of the Winter to come this past week, although today is not bad. We are staying put for Easter. I wish it was this time last year, as we were about to head of to the Carribean for Dennis & Brookes wedding. Oh. that seems so long ago!
    It is great to have them ” down under”. just a few hours away!Dennis started his new job this week. We spoke that evening, & he said the group he will be working with are fun, & he has an amazing view from his office.
    Pity he probably won’t have time for gazing at the scenery!
    Have a great Easter.

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