It has been quite a while since I updated the blog mainly because we have not had a lot of internet access. I usually compose the text offline to avoid wasting precious internet time, then add the pictures after I post the blog but even then it seems to take forever to get it all together. Good excuse anyway.


Well since I last wrote we have travelled quite a fair distance. We had two nights at the Grand Harbour Marina at the top of the Berry Islands waiting out a storm that had been forecast. Fortunately the front was fast moving and we only endured about an hour of high winds and heavy rain. We left the next morning for what turned out to be a long, arduous trip back around the top of Stirrup Island and back down the east coast of the Berrys. The winds were still fairly high, around 20 knots and the seas were, at times 3 metres. I did not enjoy the trip that much. Fortunately things calmed down a bit in the afternoon and we made our anchorage some seven hours later at Alders Cay. We kept going as far south as we could to make the next day more reasonable for the trip to Nassau. It was still a seven hour day but the seas were much calmer and so were the winds. We entered Nassau Harbour, in the rain,(just a quick passing squall but enough to give the boat a wash) and made our way through the fast flowing current to the marina, past enormous cruise ships, beautiful waterfront houses and the usual assortment of cargo and fishing vessels associated with a busy working harbour.




 Our next stop was the Exuma National Park. A wonderful picturesque spot with a very well-run Park headquarters. We enjoyed three days exploring the area in the dinghy, and walking on the hiking trails that zig zag all over the island.


We had a beautiful extremely large “neighbour” at Staniel Cay for a couple of nights. Kristian Googled the boat name and discovered it belonged to Steven Speilberg. He only bought it in March paying $200 million. Oh well we still saw the same gorgeous blue water and watched the same sunsets, he just paid a bit more!!!


Sadly Kristian’s week was up so we took him the airport at Staniel Cay on Sunday morning to catch the 8.45am flight to Nassau. Well two hours later the plane finally arrived, overbooked, and far too much luggage. Two other smaller planes were rolled out of the hanger and a number of local people and some of the luggage was loaded on board. To open the luggage compartment in the nose of the aircraft Kristian was to travel on, the pilot, who I might add was about 150kg, had to pull off the masking tape holding the door shut! With my heart in my mouth I watched the plane take off and head towards Nassau!! Kristian said it was quite a fun flight looking down at all the boats and islands along the way. We left Staniel Cay shortly after for the hour and a half run down to Black Point. A nice little community here, very friendly. We had our laundry done by the mother of the owner of a local café. This morning we went to pick it up and were invited in to her home where she had been busy baking bread and folding the laundry. Such lovely friendly people.
Tomorrow will be a long day as we start making our way north towards Eluthera. We will spend a week exploring the coastline finishing up in Spanish Wells where Nigel and Cathy Lander will meet us on Monday afternoon. They will spend a week with us in the Abacos, our next cruising area.


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