Finally we have internet. It has been 10 days or more since we had good internet and it feels like my right arm has been cut off! Well perhaps it is time that I get with the island lifestyle and forget about modern communication!

“Anything Goes” sailing on the banks between Bimini and Fraser Hog Cay
We have had some fabulous times along with the “what the heck are we doing times”. Yesterday we were in 3 metre seas with high winds, not too much fun but the thought of doing it was actually worse than the actual event. Unfortunately the rather disturbing part was that we had no instruments. No depth, speed, wind or chart plotter, windless or electric winch. Poor Peter had to pull the anchor in by hand, no mean feat.with 30 plus metres of heavy stainless steel chain. Thankfully we were with two other boats so we just followed on blindly!! The reason we had no instruments was that our house batteries have failed. They have done valiant service, 11 years, when in fact most people only get 7-8 years. However we wish they would have failed in Florida not here where everything is very expensive, or non-existent. Peter managed to locate some in Marathon, Florida but the FEDEX was $3000 plus the cost of the batteries! However we have managed to find some in Nassau which will do as a temporary measure until we get back to Florida.
We are currently in Great Harbour Marina in the Berry Islands waiting on a northerly front which is due to pass over tonight. The forecast is for thundery squalls, with winds in excess of 60 knots, or 90 Km/hour so we are very happy to be tied up tight in the marina.

Fraser Hog Cay. We were given a ride by a lovely couple on their way to church.

Fraser Hog Cay: Cracking coconuts!

Flo's Bar Frozen Cay

Frozen Cay: Outside Flo's Bar Scott arguing with the geese. Guess who won, not Scott!

Hoffman Cay

The Blue Hole at Hoffman Cay

Peter checking out the drop into the Blue Hole, only 9 metres!

Living life on the edge!!

As you see from the photos, the weather has been gorgeous, apart from these horrible fronts that keep on coming down from up North. This is quite unusual for this time of year and we are hopeful that this one tonight will be the last. We have met some wonderful people, and travelling with the two other boats has been fantastic. Sharing knowledge and experiences (not a lot from us I might add) has been great. The three guys have been trouble shooting over our battery problems, and have helped each other out with other issues that have come up. We have also caught up with Glen and Pam, the previous owners of our boat. It has been lovely to spend time with them and see their gorgeous new boat.
We leave here on Thursday morning, weather permitting, heading for Nassau. We will overnight en route and plan to be in Nassau early afternoon on Friday. On Saturday Kristian flies in from Toronto and will spend a week with us. We are so looking forward to seeing him and hope we get to do lots of swimming, snorkelling and just chilling out. All he wants to do is feel the sun on his skin after a very long, cold northern winter!



  1. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    I have finally read your last blog! What interesting times you have had. I will make this short ,& email you either over the weekend or next week sometime,with our news to date.

    Have fun & soak up some sunshine for us. It has been freezing here the past few days. Winter! Yuck!

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