Back in the Water

We are back in the water at last, having been gently lowered in yesterday afternoon. There is barely room on either side of the dock, but we just squeeze in. We are now moored at the marina. We plan to be here for about a week while I provision the boat for the trip south, and Peter tests the generator, watermaker and we learn to use the new radar and electronics that were fitted just before we flew back to Australia in July.
We had a lovely trip last week, up to South Carolina. We stayed with Rolf and Ingrid Zenker at their lovely home on Hilton Heads Island. It is a very picturesque area with houses built on small lakes and canals, all amongst beautiful trees. There are forty plus golf courses in the area and some lovely resorts. We also spent an afternoon in Savannah, Georgia a city that has been on my “bucket list” for a long time. Of course it was far to short a visit but we loved it and hope to return sometime for a longer stay. The city is set out in squares, with beautiful trees, gardens and old homes. Very beautiful. We had mixed weather, with cool mornings and evenings but quite pleasant during the day. The morning we left it was only 7C degress! However the further south we drove the warmer it became and by the time we were back in Cortez some 7 hours later it was 35c degrees. Much more to my liking. Tomorrow, Sunday, Gail Davies arrives for 3 days. It will be great to see her. She only just managed to get out of Rhode Island because of the dreadful storm sweeping the north east. Another storm is due early this week, so she may be stuck in Florida for a while!
Talking of snow, I have included a couple of pictures taken at Niagara Falls when I was visiting Kristian. Not the usual cruising pictures but pretty cool seeing all that snow and ice.

Jimmy Buffet's Restaurant Niagara-Palm Trees & Snow????

Horse Shoe Falls Niagara

One Response to “Back in the Water”

  1. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    Hi Julie & The Captain. Many thanks for your latest blogs. We love to hear all your news. Ruedi is still hunting for a new location to shift work to. He saw a perfect location yesterday in Kent Terrace. We have our fingers crossed that the price is right. Apart from that it ticks all the boxes.Here’s hoping?
    It is all quite nerve wracking! This really wasn’t necessary at our stage of life! On another note. We had Tommy’s real estate people up last night, with some reading matter,for us putting the house on the market. Again! Food for thought, but It will have to wait a bit until Ruedi is sorted. Craig has settled into his new job & loving it. He cant wait for the Summer to arrive now. Sorry cupid, there is no further news about G. Dennis & Brooke arrived in Sao Paulo this morning, for their 7 week holiday, including Rio, Argentina, Uruguay, Santiago to name a few. Sounds exciting! They have promised us that they will stay clear of anything ” dodgy”, & email/txt whenever posible. Well, have a fantastic time, & sip on a few Margueritas for us. R & F Cheers!

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