The 2011 Season

We arrived back in Tampa on 20 January to nice mild weather. What a change from last year. Our trip was uneventful but long. It was lovely to check in to our hotel around 1.00am and crash! Later that day we drove to Cortez to see the boat for the first time in six months. It was in great condidtion and had been very well looked after by the crew at Cortez Cove Marina. I spent the afternoon unpacking and finding room for all the “stuff” we had brought up from Australia. We were still in a bit of a mess when we  travelled back to St Petersburg to spend the night with Patsie and Denise. Drank far to much wine as usual! We left for Punta Gorda  on Saturday morning to spend the weekend with friends. Great to catch up with everyone, hardly seems we have been away for six months. Back to the boat on Sunday afternoon, complete with kayak squeezed into the car. Sue and Rob had been looking after the kayak for the summer. I spent most of Monday finishing the unpacking, while Peter was doing a few odd jobs outside. Joe Hanko called in and gave Peter a hand to re-attach the sails. On Tuesday I flew to Toronto, where I am writing this blog. It is lovely to be here with Kristian, and to see Toronto covered in snow. The view of a frozen lake is spectacular. It is minus 5F today thankfully not minus 20F as it was over the weekend. Kris and I walked to a restaurant last night, it was COLD but I enjoyed the walk. Fortunately I still have the long winter coat I bought in Saudi when I was visiting Kris  at boarding school in Switzerland. I knew it would come in handy someday. I am back in Florida on Sunday night, then Peter and I will drive to South Carolina to visit friends in Hilton Head. The boat will have the bottom paint done while we are gone and should be back in the water by 4 February. Then we will get ourselves organised for the trip south, hopefully sometime during the following week. I should have some pictures to post by then.

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