We are Stationary!
So much for a lovely road trip to Savannah and Charleston. We are still at the marina in Cortez, Florida waiting for parts. Not that I am really complaining as it is quite a cute place, in a very rustic, old Floridian fishing village. At first glance you would say “oh gosh” but it has grown on us and we are enjoying this very quiet backwater.

We walk most mornings before it gets too hot and we have discovered some really lovely areas within a half hour stroll. Lovely homes on the water, most with docks. We are also a mere twenty minute walk over the Cortez Bridge, to Anna Maria Island and the Gulf beaches (oil free so far). Anna Maria has a very strict building code with nothing over four stories and still many quaint beach cottages built many years ago.

Cottages in Cortez

Everyone is extremely friendly and always call out hello as you pass, and cars actually stop if you even just look like you may want to cross the road! Remember how that used to be back home? Not anymore. So far this part of Florida has escaped Hurricane Alex and the oil spill. How long the beaches will remain pristine is anyone’s guess but it will be such a terrible shame to see them and more importantly the wild life affected. We have a constant stream of visiting dolphins, birds and manatees. It would be dreadful to see them covered in oil. 


The Biggest, ugliest Manatee with a baby holding on with its flipper!

This poor manatee had the worst propeller cuts we had ever seen!

We have also had several human visitors! Nancy and Steve Johnson drove up from Punta Gorda yesterday to visit us and look over the boat yard. We then drove to Sarasota for dinner at a great Italian Restaurant which was fun. They then had to drive us back about forty minutes, in the pouring rain before heading home which would have taken them an hour of more. Once again people’s generosity is wonderful. We are making very tentative plans to cruise with Steve and Nancy and Rob and Sue next year, possibly to Belize and Guatemala. Time and oil will tell if we can make the trip.
Just a short update this time, nothing much to report. We do hope to go up to St Petersburg on Sunday to watch the 4th July fireworks. Should be fun. Hopefully all the electronics will have arrived by early next week and we will be able to make our scheduled departure to Washington next weekend, if not then I guess Plan C will have to be adopted!
Until next time.

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