We cracked the champagne this evening (Sunday 13 June) to toast our arrival at Cortez Cove Marina which may well be the end of our 2010 cruise. We are here to have the instruments removed and replaced/repaired after our brush with Mother Nature in Charlotte Harbour back on 11 April. It may take two weeks, perhaps less but however long it does take, we have a date to be hauled on 30 June which means we may not be able to take the boat out again before then.
Some hardy types may say, “Who needs instruments? If you scrape the bottom, you are in too shallow water, who needs a wind reading, if there are white-caps it is blowing around 13 knots, if it is more than that it makes for a great sail!” Well I don’t think we are quite ready for such a cavalier attitude, maybe next year!
I will back track a bit though and recount the couple of weeks that has brought us here to Cortez.
After our great few days with the PG Isles Cruising Club, Sue and Rob sailed back home on Saturday, only to return on Sunday with their daughter and son in law, five grandchildren and one dog! Despite the rather crowded boat they all seemed to have a great time. We could hear the squeals of delight coming across the water as the little ones hauled in fish after fish. They also enjoyed our kayak which now resides in Punta Gorda so the kids can use it over the summer. They all left on Monday and Pelican Bay seemed rather empty! Rob and Sue suggested we come on back to Punta Gorda and spend a few days on their dock, and have a bit of “land” time so we sailed up Charlotte Harbour (of lightening strike fame) on Tuesday and spent five great days catching up with many the people we have met on our travels. We were even presented with a certificate from the PG Isles Crusing Club for being Friends of the Club for the Spring of 2010!

Solomon’s Castle

 We took a trip to a very weird castle near Arcadia, built by a rather eccentric artist and filled with his very distinctive collection of art made from junk. It was a fun trip, but needless to say we didn’t buy anything in the gift shop. We were invited to dinner at the Yacht Club, and went bike riding on Sunday morning. A very pleasant interlude to our cruising.
On Tuesday we set sail (motoring!) for Boca Grande where we spent two lovely days.


A cute version of the usual mode of transport on Boca Grande

Then it was on to Englewood for another two nights.

Relaxing after dinner in Englewood

We arrived in Sarasota on Friday afternoon after crusing up the ICW  via Venice and what is now very familiar territory.

Canal  Around Venice. (The Captain-ette)

Venice Ave Bridge opening so we can pass through.

On Saturday morning we went to the markets, followed by a couple of hour’s walk around the botanical gardens. A nice shady thing to do on a very hot day. We stopped in at the Whole Foods store and bought some of our favourite French cheese before heading back out to the boat to have cocktails and eat the Saint Agur, of course, and watch the sun go down.

The Photographer!

Sunset Sarasota Style

 From Sarasota the next morning, it was an easy three hour run to Cortez where I began this newsletter.
So I guess that is that, from Anything Goes at least. We will continue to update the blog until our departure from the States on 30 July, but most of it will now be from a car. Depending how long the repairs take, we hope to travel to Savannah, Charlotte, and St Augustine and a few points in between during the early part of July then fly to Toronto for ten days, three days in Denver visiting a cousin of mine, then home.
It has been an amazing few months. The people, the photos, all the memories some dreadful but mostly wonderful will be part of our lives for a long time. Can’t wait for 2011!!


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  1. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    What a life of the ” rich & famous you live! Fantastic photos. You both look so happy & tannned. I will write you an email now of our ” boring” past few weeks.

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