March 14 2010

We are still in St Petersburgh and I am pleased to report that we have had some very nice weather, especially this weekend when we even managed to sunbathe!! The evenings are still cool and windy however.
As many of you have heard, this week was a rather sad and difficult one for us. Our beloved cat Gianni became ill on Sunday 7th and after no real improvement I had to make the terrible decision to have her put down on Wednesday afternoon. It was a horrible day, wishing I had been there for her, wondering if we held on a bit longer perhaps she would come right, but of course in the end it was the only humane thing to do as she was in a lot of pain. We will miss her.
Peter and I have joined the Seven Seas Cruising Association, a group of sailors from all over the world who help out with support and local knowledge for cruisers, amongst other things. The local branch held a brunch on Saturday so we went along and met some very nice people. I guess we were a bit of a novalty, but they seemed genuinely interested in where we were from and our plans. It will be good to keep in touch with the group as many of them have spent years sailing the areas we would like to visit.
Last night we went to a Crawfish Festival with some friends. For those not familiar with crawfish, we know them as yabbies in Australia and freshwater crays in NZ. It was a fun night with all things cajun including some very interesting music and dancing! I have to say listening to “country and western style” music sung in French was different but the beat was very catchy and we all got up and tried to look like we knew how to dance the boot kicking style everyone else seemed so proficient at!! Wish you had been there Sue, brings back a few memories of the line dancing saga! We had a great time and ate some fantastic cajun food.
The generator which has been giving us, Peter really, a major headache is now to be replaced and should be back at the end of this week, then we just may be able to start the “big journey”. Here’s hoping. St Pete is great but we are ready to move on.
Until next time.


One Response to “March 14 2010”

  1. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    Hi Julie & Peter,
    Thank you so much for your very newsy postings. You certainly write a very interesting ” Blog” with all your happenings & all the photos. What a life! Sorry, I haven’t replied for a while, but I have been flat out organising the kitchen etc.It’s fantastic! Only a few ” tweeks ‘ to be rectified!! That will have to wait until we get back from Dennis & Brookes wedding! Not long now! We are thoroughly enjoying Craig being home the past few weeks. We spent Easter in the Wairarapa, & played a few holes of golf. Not a patch on your life, but I just had to get away for a few days R & R.
    I must ask, did Peter stage the lounging in the hammock on deck or was that for real? Let me know when we see each other in America.Only thing missing was the drink in hand!
    We arrive in L.A. for the night on Saturday 24th April, Sunday fly to Miami & spend the night there, & fly to St Lucia Monday 26th. I have all your details for us to contact you when we get back to Miami on Saturday 1st May. Craig has asked me to give you his phone number as a contact too. Craig : 00491639120381. He will have his laptop with him of course.:
    Fingers crossed we can meet up? Looking forward to seeing you both, but until then have a wonderful time.
    Catch you in America!
    Francie, Ruedi & Craig

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