18 February 2010

Kris & Britt's visit 12 February 2010

18 February 2010

Well it is still VERY cold, but we are fine, although the heating is getting a serious workout!

Last Thursday we drove over to Miami, a four hour drive, to meet with friends at the Miami Boat Show. It was a great experience with huge displays of both boats and accessories. We spent 3 full days looking, seeing some fantastic boats and some not so. Even down in Miami the weather was very cool, all the locals were complaining, especially at night when the cold northerly wind whipped through. However we did enjoy ourselves and had some fantastic meals. One restaurant we did return to several times was a Peruvian one where the food was fantastic. Miami is an interesting place, almost like another country, where English is definitely the second language, spoken in the main part with a heavy Spanish accent. On the last morning we drove to the show and went to our usual parking building, only to be turned away by police road blocks. We did manage to get to the building by a rather circuits route and we were told by the parking attendant that two people had been shot that morning – “welcome to Miami”!!

We drove back stopping at Naples for a couple of hours. Naples, on the west coast of Florida about two hours south of St Petersburg, is a lovely Noosa like town. We spent a couple of days there last year and loved it.  The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a nice walk around the town and down to the marina, stopping for lunch at a courtyard restaurant where we got talking to a local artist who was painting the fountain and surrounding buildings.

Now back on the boat, getting things prepared with the hope of setting sail towards the end of next week. We have delayed going until it warms up, but also there are a couple of jobs that need doing and we have had a few delays waiting for Captain Joe to turn up and climb the mast!


4 Responses to “18 February 2010”

  1. The ET's Says:

    LOVED the photo! has’nt Kris grown!!! sounds like heaven to me for you over there-VERY envious of the strolling around and visiting great eateries
    We DID”T sell on the 20th but had 15 people here and it was a glorious day
    We had a lunch party here yesterday to celebrate not selling! Have not been well ALL day! We DO have 4 parties interested in the place though–some were not in a position to bid on the day but love the place–we’ll just sit back and enjoy what we’ve got here and see what happens!!
    keep on enjoying-have a wine for us but NOT today!!!
    Are you checking your normal email address as well?
    Love from us

  2. Barry Says:


    That red wine you are drinking, is is M E R L O T?

  3. Diane & Graham Says:

    Hi Guys, Sounds like you are having a very interesting time. How was the visit from Kris & Britt? No doubt you are well on your sea travels by now.

    We are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow. I will go with Graham to Brisbane enroute as he has a meeting at Brendale and then carry on.

    The weather has been very hot, humid but rain the past couple of days and looks like it intends staying for a few more.

    Had work from my sister and husband and they have quite their jobs in NZ. Had enough of the new CEO. So house is on the market and they will probably move back to Hawkes Bay once it is sold and start a new chapter in their life.

    Mum and Dad are well and have been doing a bit of gardening for them. Although I go to pull a few weeds and end up transplanting shrubs here and there – Sargeant Major on the job giving orders!!

    All the kids are fine. Justine and Josh are off to Sydney this weekend for his grandmother’s 70th birthday. Justine will enjoy some shopping as it is rather limited in the Isa!!

    My three days at work seem to whizz by and now look forward to my 4 day weekend.

    Graham is fine and his new Prado was delivered last Monday. I’ll be able to go for a ride in it tomorrow.

    Anyway, take care of yourselves and we will be in touch soon. D & G

  4. Dean Says:

    Hello Peter and Julie!

    It sounds like you’re having a mighty relaxing time of it, thoroughly deserved of course! My two comments are:

    1. Nice touch with the flag on a lovely looking boat!
    2. How do you say in Peruvian: “steak, medium rare with pepper sauce on the side, salad with French dressing, and beer battered chips, please”

    Take care!

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