February 2, 2010

Hi everyone. We made it to St Petersburg after what turned out to be quite a good flight although very long. Fortunately there were very few passengers onboard and a very nice steward decided he liked us, and offered us a couple of champagnes as soon as we sat down then after the plane took off he asked us to follow him up to the next cabin where he gave us seats in premium economy ( old business class seats) so we had a very comfortable ride. The dreaded immigration at LAX was surprisingly empty, and we had only to wait about 5 minutes before we were taken. The Immigration Officer was so pleasant and friendly and asked us about our boat and where we were planning to spend our time, gave us six months entry, then told us about a couple of websites we could go to if we wanted to extend our visas without leaving the country! We were very impressed.

We were greeted at Tampa with cold, overcast weather, and woke the next morning to fog and rain! Yuck. We picked up our rental car and drove to St Pete to finally see the boat after so long. Of course she was very dirty, even green in places, but on the whole looked great. We have spent the last couple of days cleaning and sorting, loading all our gear and buying groceries. Peter is outside at the moment scrubbing the decks (as he should!) with Clorox and everything is sparkling again.

Ralph’s neighbours had us over for dinner last night. It was so lovely to see them again and we managed to polish off a lot of red wine, not too good for the jetlag, but fun at the time. We are looking forward to seeing Kristian and Brittany on Thursday. I hope the weather improves by then, we have seen a few rays of sunshine today perhaps that is a sign of what is to come. They are just happy to get out of minus 15 and snow!

That’s it for now, more coming soon.


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  1. Diane & Graham Says:

    Hi Guys, Glad to hear you had a great trip over – very lucky to get upgraded!!

    All is well on the Sunshine Coast with fine, hot, humid weather, except for this morning when we woke to rain, but that seems to be clearing.

    Nothing exciting happening on the home front, except Justine is moving to Townsville the week after Easter and is over the moon to be leaving Mount Isa.

    We are babysitting next Sunday, so that should be fun! Otherwise everyone is well.

    Look forward to your next entry. D & G

  2. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    Hi Julie and Peter.
    I just read your Blog. Great your trip went well, and the boat is shiny again.Why dont you fly the maori flag???Are you ashamed. Hope you have fun with Christian and his girlfriend. Just 39 days and Craig will be here.

    Regards Ruedi

  3. The ET's Says:

    GREAT to read your 1st notice-have only JUST looked as it’s been full on here! An “open home” every 3 days is VERY full on!
    Only one week to go and the long range forcast is for a nice weekend so hopefully us insisting on the auction ‘ on site’ will work in our favour..
    one week of 31deg last week and 18 yesterday.
    Good on you for getting upgraded on the flight——-Of COURSE they liked you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    Hi Julie & Captain Peter,

    Great to hear all your happenings to date. Lovely photo of Kris & Britt. they both look very happy. you would have been very excited to see them! We are counting down the days until Craig arrives. 30 today to be precise. The only thing going on in our lives is of course the kitchen. The painter is here today & for the rest of the week I think? Thursday next week the joinery should arrive? I can’t wait, as all we seem to do is part out with the dollars lately.

    We are off to the Wairarapa this coming Saturday & back on Monday night. Just a quick break away from the turmoil here. Hopefully we can get a few rounds of golf in? It’s awful to have trades men coming & going each day.A couple more weeks & then I can shift back into the kitchen, to sort everything out before Craig arrives.

    Well, that seems to be about all. We are thinking of you both, & hope that the weather has improved & that you can set sail on the ” Briney”?

    Have fun.

    love Francie & Ruedi

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