Our first Posting

The journey begins! Hopefully this Blog is visable to all our friends and is the beginning of a great saga!


8 Responses to “Our first Posting”

  1. linda Says:

    It still looks great to me Julie. Can’t wait to use it for real, and follow your chartered course! By the way, will all this type of message appear on the blog for everyone to read, or is it just for you and Peter?
    Bye L

  2. linda Says:

    Just realized I had typed our email address incorrectly so have amended it. Don’t know whether the last message went through, but assume it did. Bye for now L

  3. Landlubber Says:


    Can’t see anyone in the boat picture.
    Hope you haven’t fallen in!!!

    Enjoy the trip



  4. linda Says:

    Jules and Peter The blog is coming through loud and clear, and we look forward to keeping track of your adventure. Tight sails! xx Linda

  5. Francie & Ruedi Says:

    Hi Julie & Captain Peter,

    What a lovely surprise to read about all your ” happenings”. Glad to hear that entry into L.A. went smoothly. luck was certainly on your side with an upgrade & friendlyness. I hope the same happens to us in April?
    Our home is a ” tip” at the moment with all the tradesmen coming & going. They ripped out the old kitchen yesterday. Hopefully all will be finished in approx 3 to 4 weeks. it certainly is the worst room in the house to do. My kitchen is in the garage. there is one upside to the alterations, & that is no fancy cooking! At least we have plenty of room to move. I actually managed to sell the complete kitchen last Sunday night 9pm, for an amazing price, considering that is was 25+ years old! would you believe $ 658.00. Craig helped me to set it all up, as I was nervous to do it for the first time. Oh. it will be great to everything all new!
    Well, I hope the weather picks up over your way, especially with Kristian arriving on Thursday. We will be thinking of you, & please pass on a big ” hi ” from us.
    I’m afraid our emails will be very boring compared with yours, but at least it is something for you to read will flitty around ” the briney” off Miami/Florida.
    Take care & have heaps of fun.
    We look forward to episode 2.

    Francie & Ruedi

  6. Shane, Janet, Emma and Ben Says:

    Hi Guys,

    The blog is really great. We are all well and heading up to Taupo Bay in a few days which should be great. Apparently the house we are staying in has internet access so hopefully we should be able to keep in contact.

    Hope the weather improves.

  7. Patrice Says:

    Ahoy there The Gowan’s!!!…… Glad to read that you had a VERY enjoyable trip over. By now you would have caught up with Kris & Brittany and I hope that you allhad a fun time together. All’s well here at home. Your chilly’s had a wee sent back the day after Peter brought them over, loosing many leaves, but still producing, so not to worry. Yes, we’ve had some rain so it has been hot & sticky most days. Gianni pops in regularly & we see her very early some Monday mornings. Keep having a wonderful time. Love Patrice, Ross & Pip

  8. linda Says:

    Nice to see the update Julie! Di’s birthday lunch tomorrow, so Gail Mack and I have been making a few plans for that today. It will be fun!! LoLL

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